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    Balancing Cost

    means the balancing cost described in paragraph 6.140 and calculated in accordance with paragraph 6.141.



    means a holder of a relevant Banking Licence.


    Bank Eligibility Requirements

    means as defined in paragraph 6.163.


    Bank Mandate

    means the instructions form relating to the terms on which the cash in a SEM Collateral Reserve Account will be held.


    Banking Licence

    means a licence issued by the Irish Financial Regulator under Section 9 of the Central Bank Act 1971 (Ireland), or a licence or authorisation to take deposits issued by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (United Kingdom) or any equivalent licence or authorisation granted by an equivalent regulatory body in any Member State of the European Union.


    Billing Period Currency Cost

    means the cost or the benefit to the Single Electricity Market that is based on the difference in Currency rates between Gate Closure and the actual payment of Invoices and Self Billing Invoices. This cost or benefit is distributed across all Participants in accordance with paragraphs 6.136 and 6.136A.


    Billing Period Invoice

    means an Invoice for a particular Billing Period.


    Billing Period or BP

    means as defined in paragraph 6.41.


    Black Start

    means as set out in the relevant Grid Code.


    Blended Rate

    means as defined in the VAT Agreement.


    Block Load

    means the level of Output that a Generator Unit immediately produces following Synchronisation.  For the avoidance of doubt, Block Load can equal 0 MW.


    Block Load Cold

    means the Block Load during a Cold Start.


    Block Load Flag

    means a flag to indicate that a Generator Unit has block loading characteristics for the purpose of Appendix O: “Instruction Profiling Calculations” only.


    Block Load Hot

    means the Block Load during a Hot Start.


    Block Load Warm

    means the Block Load during a Warm Start.


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