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    High Materiality

    means an amount equal to or over 50,000 euro in respect of a single Participant.


    Historical Assessment Period

    means a number of days prior to the day of the issue of the latest relevant Settlement Statement over which a statistical analysis of a Participant’s incurred liabilities, separately in respect of its Generator Units and Supplier Units, shall be undertaken in order to support the forecasting of undefined liabilities for that Participant.  A Historical Assessment Period shall apply for a Year, and for each Year there shall be one Historical Assessment Period applicable to Trading Payments, Trading Charges and Billing Periods, and one Historical Assessment Period applicable to Capacity Payments, Capacity Charges and Capacity Periods.



    means a hot Warmth State.


    Hot Cooling Boundary

    means the period of time, which must be less than that defined by the Warm Cooling Boundary, post Desynchronisation of a Generator Unit after which the Generator Unit’s Warmth State transfers from being Hot to being Warm.


    Hot Start

    means any Synchronisation of a Generator Unit that has previously not been Synchronised for a period of time shorter than or equal to its Accepted Hot Cooling Boundary.  This data is provided within the submission of Technical Offer Data as described in Appendix I: “Offer Data”.


    Hot Start Up Cost

    means Start Up Costs associated with a Hot Start.


    Hydro-electric Generator Unit

    means a Generator Unit connected to a hydro turbine which is driven either by the controlled flow of water from a reservoir or by the flow of a river.


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