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 Market Trial 


What is a Market Trial

  • The Market Trial is a full-scale, ‘as-live’ operational trial of all market systems and processes.
  • IT provides a realistic risk-free environment without any of the financial consequences
  • It is intended to give market participants the TSO and the NEMO an opportunity to bed-down their operations prior to go-live.

Purpose of the Market Trial

  • To provide a controlled environment to acclimatise to the new market design
  • To be able demonstrate that the market systems and interfaces are operating appropriately
  • To provide assurance that the NEMO and the TSO can deliver on its obligations under the European Codes.
  • To inform the go-live decision, via properly defined and established exit criteria.
  • To facilitate a smooth and ordered transition into live market operation.

Phases of the Market Trial

  1. Planning - Planning the Market Trial Strategy and the development and delivery of the Market Trial Plan.
  2. Preparation - The period leading up to the commencement of the Market Trial, during which all parties will prepare for the Trial.
  3. Establishment - An initial operational period during which the market systems will first be made available to trial participants 
  4. Scripted - A period of trialling during which market participants will be requested to submit input data consistent with a limited number of pre-defined scenarios.
  5. Unscripted - A further period of trialling during which the submission of data by participants will not be subject to any restrictions or other scripting.

Market Trial Working Group Publications

MTWG Meeting #2 - 31 August 2017 

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