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 The Trading and Settlement Code Modifications Committee is the forum for considering change to the Trading and Settlement Code. The Modifications Committee meets every 2 months. Details of all scheduled meetings can be found on the Market Development calendar.

The 2014 calender of Modification events is available for download at this link.

Mod ID Title Mod Status Stage Section Affected Effective Date
MOD_10_14 Clarification of Location of SEM Collateral Reserve Accounts Deferred Active T&SC Section 6  
MOD_07_14 Change to Final Registration Meeting Requirements to allow for email RA Decision: Approved (Not Vetoed) Active Agreed Procedure 1 08/09/2014
MOD_12_13 Amendment to Special Units Pumped Storage definition to include Energy Storage Recommended for Approval Active T&SC Section 2; T&SC Section 4; T&SC Section 5; T&SC Appendix H; T&SC Appendix I; T&SC Appendix M; T&SC Appendix N; T&SC Appendix O; T&SC Glossary  
MOD_02_13 Registration of Charges Deferred Active T&SC Section 1; T&SC Section 6  
MOD_21_12 Amendment to Available Transfer Capacity (ATC) definition RA Decision: Further review required Active T&SC Section 5; T&SC Appendix K  
MOD_11_12 Proposal to extend the definition of Special Units to include Compressed Air Energy Storage. Deferred Active T&SC Section 5  
MOD_18_11 Definition of ‘Availability’ Recommended for Approval Active T&SC Glossary

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