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IDT - Participant Readiness Check 


As outlined in the Participant Engagement Plan (PEP) published by SEMO on September 9th, 2011 there are certain key points in the IDT project schedule at which Participants are to be invited to indicate their state of readiness in the context of the overall programme.

As SEMO have no visibility of work schedules that Participants are working to on their own system implementations (in order to align with IDT), SEMO are looking for an indication that Participants are on track as per their own work schedule. These indicators are to enable SEMO to get gain visibility of any issues that Participants are encountering with which SEMO may be able to assist and mitigate potential risk to the overall programme.

We have now reached the fourth milestone, beginning of June 2012.

SEMO would be grateful if Participants could coordinate a single response from within their organization to give an indication of their readiness in the context of the overall programme. Responses will treated in confidence and SEMO will follow-up on Participant responses if requested / required.

Please send your responses directly to by Friday June 15th, 2012, subject prefixed with 'IDT Participant Readiness'.

SEMO is a joint venture between EirGrid PLC and SONI Limited