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 General Publications 

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Type Name Category Uploaded Date Amended Date Comments Archive Status
Unknown file type Registered Capacity Report July 2015.xls Joining The Market 30/07/2015 30/07/2015   Active
Portable Document Format (PDF) EUPHEMIA Industry Working Group Members.pdf Market Studies 28/07/2015 28/07/2015   Active
Unknown file type Registered Capacity Report 20150722.xls Other 22/07/2015 22/07/2015   Active
Unknown file type Outage Plan August September.xls Maintenance and Outages 16/07/2015 16/07/2015   Active
Unknown file type Capacity Payments NI Mar -Jun Other 15/07/2015 15/07/2015   Active
Unknown file type Other 10/07/2015 10/07/2015 System Marginal Price for all gates (EA, EP1, EP2 from December 2007 and EA2, WD1 from August 2012). Covering dates from 11.12.07 up to; 09/07/2015 for WD1, 09/07/2015 for EA1 and EA2, 08/07/2015 for EP1 and 05/07/2015 for EP2 Active
Unknown file type MPUD SEM Systems and Interfaces 06/07/2015 06/07/2015   Active
Portable Document Format (PDF) Preparation of Initial EUPHEMIA Order Test Case Participant Data.pdf Market Studies 02/07/2015 02/07/2015   Active
Portable Document Format (PDF) Market Systems Development Plan MSDP7 2014-2016.pdf Regulatory Affairs 02/07/2015 02/07/2015 This document is the seventh Market System Development Plan (MSDP7) developed by SEMO for the period October 2014 to September 2016. The plan identifies the issues that SEMO face in relation to the operation, administration and development of the Single Electricity Market (SEM). The MSDP has been approved by the Regulatory Authorities and is being published for Participants information purposes. Any feedback or queries you might have about the plan can be sent directly to in SEM Market Development or Active
Unknown file type Outage Plan July August.xls Other 02/07/2015 02/07/2015   Active
Portable Document Format (PDF) Parties Acceded to the TSC.pdf Joining The Market 29/06/2015 29/06/2015 as of 30.07.2015 Active
Microsoft Word Document MOCC June Briefing Note and Agenda.doc Other 26/06/2015 26/06/2015   Active
Microsoft Word 2007 Document SEM REMIT Reporting Workshop QA.docx Regulatory Affairs 26/06/2015 26/06/2015   Active
Portable Document Format (PDF) CMS Slides - MODS Meeting 62.pdf Regulatory Affairs 18/06/2015 18/06/2015   Active
Portable Document Format (PDF) Elections 2015.pdf Regulatory Affairs 18/06/2015 18/06/2015   Active
Portable Document Format (PDF) SEM R2.7.0 Approved Release Scope - HLIA.pdf Systems and Interfaces 17/06/2015 17/06/2015   Active
Portable Document Format (PDF) Daily Credit Parameters 20150616.pdf Regulatory Affairs 16/06/2015 16/06/2015   Active
Portable Document Format (PDF) All-island Annual Transmission Outage Program for May 2015 to April 2016.pdf Maintenance and Outages 05/06/2015 05/06/2015   Active
Unknown file type RegisteredCapacityReport20150527.xls Other 28/05/2015 28/05/2015   Active
Portable Document Format (PDF) Market Audit Report 2014.pdf Regulatory Affairs 28/05/2015 28/05/2015   Active

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