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11/09/2019 11:54

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11/09/2019 11:57


Update to the REMIT report published on the EirGrid Website under



Moneypoint MP2 (GU_400271) have updated their expected return to service time to 20th September at 08:00. Following this return to service the unit will remain disconnected and unable to export due to a transmission system outage until 23:00 on the 14/11/2019.

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Disclaimer:  This information is being provided to help market participants comply with the EU Regulation on Wholesale Energy Markets Integrity and Transparency (REMIT)  (# 1227/2011)  which specifies that market participants are obliged to fulfill the obligations described in Article 4 (1) and specifically that “Market participants shall publicly disclose in an effective and timely manner inside information which they possess...”.

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