SEMOpx: Registration freeze during Christmas and New Year

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10/10/2019 09:37

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10/10/2019 10:00


Dear Member,

The balancing market operator has advised there will be a registration freeze in the balancing market over the Christmas and New Year period. During this registration freeze no units (generator, supplier or assetless) will be made effective in the balancing market.

This freeze impacts on the ex-ante market as well, as units must be made effective at the same time in both the ex-ante and balancing markets. Therefore SEMOpx will need to implement a related registration freeze for the ex-ante markets. The ex-ante markets registration freeze will apply to both new members and changes to units for delivery dates from Thursday 19th December 2019 through to Tuesday 7th January 2020 inclusive.  

The SEMOpx registration team remain available to answer any queries in relation to this freeze and any ongoing registrations you may have.


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