M7 technical maintenance on 25/05/20 and 26/05/20 – No market halt

Affected Period
25/05/20 and 26/05/20



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22/05/2020 14:29

Last Updated
22/05/2020 14:32

Dear Member,

On Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th May,  M7 will be unavailable due to technical maintenance from approx. 10:02 – 10:12 BST (11:02 – 11:12 CEST).  This will  not require any Intraday Market halt.

What is the purpose & impact:

Monday  25th May 2020

- DBAG will replace root certificate authority (CA) on slave instances. NO Market halt required and NO impact expected.

Tuesday 26th May 2020

- DBAG will replace root certificate authority (CA) on master instances. NO Market halt required. NO impact for the SEMOpx markets expected.

- The maintenance will take less than 10 minutes, as we would like to avoid peak times like contract opening and contract closing time.

Please note, that in case your application uses explicit truststore it has to include certificate authority valid after May 2020 (in ideal way till 2038). 

For further details, please contact  marketops@ops.semopx.com

Maintenance duration:

25.05.2020    10:02 – 10:12 BST (11:02 – 11:12 CEST)

26.05.2020    10:02 – 10:12 BST (11:02 – 11:12 CEST)

Please inform your colleagues about this and contact the SEMOpx Helpdesk with any questions you may have.