SEMOpx: ETS Release - Version 3.4.4 - Go-Live Postponed

Affected Period
30/06/20 (Postponed), New Date (TBC)



Run type

17/06/2020 15:43

Last Updated
24/06/2020 17:35

Dear Member, 

We regret to inform you that the upcoming go-live of the new ETS 3.4.4 version is postponed until further notice. 

During the deployment phase, we received feedback about an issue to connect to ETS in simulation environment for several members. After extensive investigations we found out that several members have internal security protocols that interfere with the new ETS security check which was implemented within this release to comply with the current best security practices and standards.

We will communicate a new go-live date as soon as possible

Further information can be found here.

Kind regards,
SEMOpx Team 

Update: 23/06/20 

Dear Member, 

The final test date for ETS version 3.4.4 is tomorrow the 24th June 2020.  

Can all members please ensure to download the new version 3.4.4 to test the updated client is working as expected. 

Unlike previous Go Lives, the previous versions will not upgrade automatically. 

All members whether using the Fixed version or the Upgradeable version  must re-install the new version ETS 3.4.4. 

Kind regards,

SEMOpx Team 

Original Request: 17/06/2020

Dear Member, 

In advance of the ETS members test, and in order to resolve the proxy settings and trading limits issues identified within ETS Client version 3.4.2, it was necessary to replace the current version of ETS. 

Therefore, an updated version of ETS Client 3.4.4 (Proxy Settings) and ETS API 3.4.3 (Trading Limits) has been provided containing a fix for both issues.

Please find attached the ETS Client 3.4.4, ETS API Package 3.4.3 and SEMOpx ETS 3.4.4 Information document. 

Kind regards,
SEMOpx Team