Indicative Settlement

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Run type
Indicative (Settlement)

30/07/2020 16:05

Last Updated
03/08/2020 12:08


Update 03.08.2020 @ 12:05

The indicative reports for the 29th July have been successfully published and are now available for download.

Update 31.07.2020 @ 16:00

There continues to be delays in receiving full indicative data to complete processing. We are working hard to publish this date as quickly as possible. We are now aiming to  publish the indicative settlement for the 29th July on Monday 03rd August

Update 31.07.2020 @ 11:45:

We are still not in receipt of full data to allow indicative settlement. As a result, we are now hoping to have the indicative reports published by 17:00 today.


Dear participants,

Please be advised there is a delay with the publishing of the Indicative Reports due for 17:00 for Settlement Date 29.07.2020.

The delay is related to data submission delay.

Settlements are now targeting to publish the outstanding publications by 12:00 tomorrow (31.07.2020).

Kind regards


SEMO Settlements