Indicative Settlement

Affected Period
11.09.2020 - 13.09.2020



Run type
Indicative (Settlement)

14/09/2020 17:03

Last Updated
15/09/2020 11:27

Update 15.09.2020 @ 11:25:

The indicative reports for settlement dates the 11th & 12th were successfully published on 14.09.2020 at 19:02 and the 13th published this morning at 11:20. All reports are now available for download.


Dear Participants,

Please be advised there is a delay with publishing the Indicative Reports due for 17:00 for Settlement Dates 11.09.2020 - 13.09.2020.

The delay is related to longer than expected processing times with the settlements application (OUI) that transfers the settlement data between settlement systems.

We are now targeting to publish the outstanding publications by 19:00 today, 14.09.2020, for settlement dates 11.09.2020 and 12.09.2020. 

Publishing of the settlement date 13.09.2020 is targeted for 12:00 tomorrow, 15.09.2020.

An update will be provided advising when publications have been published.

Kind regards

SEMO Settlements