Operational Schedule Performance

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06/07/2021 09:33

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06/07/2021 09:37

The TSOs use an optimisation algorithm to produce the indicative operational schedules.  RTC and RTD schedules are automatically triggered to run every 15 minutes and 5 minutes respectively.  Due to the complex nature of the optimisation program, the optimisation runs can at times not complete in the allocated time frame. When these overruns occur, the next scheduled optimisation is skipped, and the most recent indicative operational schedule is used by the TSOs until the latest run is complete. This provides the TSOs with a valid schedule for all intervals throughout the trading day.  The recent significant addition of a reserve provision from batteries has contributed to an increased frequency optimisation overrunning and schedules being skipped and a reduction in runs being published.  The TSO are adjusting scheduling parameters to minimise these occurrences.

This does not affect compliance with the T&SC with regards to providing related data (i.e. System Operator flags for example) under Appendix K and Appendix E of the T&SC. Run cancellations were factored in the publication requirements for the Operational Schedules reports which, as per Agreed Procedure 06 'Data Publication and Data Reporting',  are on an 'ad hoc' basis. The TSO is mindful of the importance of these publications for Participant's and will work with the vendors to try to minimise occurrences of overrun where possible.