Update - Notice of Pricing Dispute

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23/08/2021 14:39

Last Updated
15/09/2021 11:43

Updated Message on 15/09/2021:

Dear Market Participants,

The Market Operator has identified a manifest error in the calculation of the Imbalance Settlement Price and is upholding this Pricing Dispute.

The Imbalance Settlement Periods impacted by the manifest error on the 11th August 2021 are set out in the below table: 

Upheld Imbalance Settlement Periods
(Period Starting)

11/08/2021 03:30

11/08/2021 08:30

11/08/2021 09:00

11/08/2021 09:30

11/08/2021 11:00

11/08/2021 12:00

11/08/2021 12:30

11/08/2021 13:00

11/08/2021 14:30

11/08/2021 15:30

Kind regards,

SEMO Trading Operations

Original Message on 23/08/2021:

Dear Market Participants,

As per Agreed Procedure 14, Section 3.1, the Market Operator would like to notify all Participants that a Pricing Dispute has been received for Trading Day 11th of August 2021.

The Market Operator will keep Participants informed of the progress of this Pricing Dispute.

Kind regards,

SEMO Trading Operations