High Level Synopsis of Settlement Updates from Participant Call Held on 16th September 2021.

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17/09/2021 16:35

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17/09/2021 16:42

Dear Participant,

Please see below a summary of the main points discussed from the Participant Call held on Thursday the 16th of September 2021:

  • It was confirmed that the high imbalance prices which Michael Kelly referred to triggered the difference charges, in particular CDIFFCNP. 
  • It was updated that in light of the materiality of these charges for settlement week 36, from 5th to 11th Sept and the relevance of the Mod 02_21 ‘ Setting a Flag for Interconnector Actions’ approved by the Regulators recently, the application of these charges was put on hold pending the outcome of ongoing discussions with all relevant parties.
  • Settlements confirmed that CDIFFPIMB payments to Suppliers still stand and will be made as usual for week 36, 2021.
  • Settlements confirmed that CDIFFCNP charges which were included in the indicatives for week 36 had been removed for week 36 initial statements.
  • Settlements updated that INITIAL BALIMB - (05/09/21-11/09/21) – Week 36 2021 was on schedule and due to be included with Settlements Documents on Friday 17th , 2021.
  • Settlements also noted that they are managing breaches triggered by these high charges and have been in contact with any affected market participants where these breaches should be rescinded. Settlements will continue to manage this for future credit reports.

Please note is our intention to provide an overview from a System Operator and Pricing perspective in the next Market Operator User Group (MOUG).  We will provide further updates as they become available.