**Update** Release H - Sample Anonymised Settlement Reports

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12/10/2021 14:53

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14/10/2021 16:46

Due to the structure of Market Operator Invoicing and Settlement Documents and by adding anonymized details for clarification reasons we have added PoE and Jurisdiction type in the name of each one and added additional scenario type.

The below links have been updated. 


Dear Market Participant,

Upon Release H deployment to production systems next month, we will be closing out Settlement Post Brexit Change Request.

ID: CR207

Name: Settlement system and Post Brexit

Description: System change of Place of Establishment (PoE) for United Kingdom to Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Slight changes to cross border proportions of local, EU and non-EU used for statistical purposes only.

SEMO have published a set of sample Settlement Documents, Invoices and Reports for Participants to review as required.

Please be advised an overview of changes will presented at MOUG on 14th October 2021.

Please see details of the publication below:

- Information Note ( linked here)

- Zip File containing sample reports as outlined in Information Note (linked here)

Please don't hesitate to contact us via info@sem-o.com should you require any further information.

Kind regards