SEMOpx Auction: ETS new version 3.5.3

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14/10/2021 13:11

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14/10/2021 14:14

Dear Member, 

The new version of ETS 3.5.3 is now accessible in the SIMU2 environment from 14th October 2021, with new functionalities and updates to the ETS API being made available, all of which are detailed within the SEMOpx ETS 3.5.3 Information document


·        New ETS 3.5.3 version go-live scheduled in November 2021 (date to be confirmed)

·        ETS will upgrade automatically to ETS 3.5.3 for all members using the upgradable version

·        New functionalities with ETS 3.5.3:

o   Security update

o   User permission restriction

o   Forced logoff

·        ETS 3.5.3 available in Simulation 2 environment as of 14 October 2021

·        Action required for all members: Please test your connectivity to the new ETS 3.5.3

·        ETS API: Decommission of schema version 3.2


Please find attached the ETS API Package (3.5.3)ETS Client Guide (3.5.3) and ETS Client Installation Guide (3.5.3). 

Kind regards,