2024/2025 T-3 Capacity Auction - Gate Open

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13/01/2022 10:09

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13/01/2022 10:10

Dear Capacity Market Participants,

Auction Gate Open

Please be advised that the Capacity Auction Submission for the 2024/2025 T-3 Capacity Auction commenced this morning at 10am, as scheduled in the approved T-3 Capacity Auction Timetable. Participants are now able to submit Capacity Auction Offers in respect of Capacity Market Units Qualified to participate in the 2024/2025 T-3 Capacity Auction via the Capacity Market Platform (CMP).

We would strongly advise Participants to submit their Offers within CMP as early as possible. This recommendation has been made to ensure that all Auction Participants can access the CMP and submit their Offer(s) without encountering any system access issues. Please note that once an offer is submitted, Participants may edit or delete such offers at any stage before the Capacity Auction Submission End at 10:00am on 20th January 2022. Please refer to the Capacity Market Platform Offer Information Guide for reference. 

CMP Access

A quick reminder as previously communicated, can all Participants please ensure that they have tested their access to the CMP, as failure to have a valid digital certificate will impede your participation in the upcoming Auction. 


If you encounter any problems with the Capacity Market Platform during the 2024/2025 T-3 Capacity Auction, please send us an email with screenshots to capacitymarket@sem-o.com and will endeavor to troubleshoot the problem with you as quickly as possible.

Supporting Materials

The following supporting material is available on the SEMO website and the links can be accessed through Google Chrome:

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Capacity Market Team


P: 1800 726772 (ROI) or 0800 0726772 (NI)
+353 (1) 2370584 (International)

E: CapacityMarket@sem-o.com