Reminder - SEMOpx ETS Breaking Messages Discontinuation 13 April 2022

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13/04/2022 16:26

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20/04/2022 11:45

Dear Member,

As communicated on 1st April 2022, SEMOpx will be making changes to Operational Messages which are currently communicated via e-mail as well as ETS Breaking Messages, which appear in a pop-up window in the ETS client.

As of 2nd May 2022, Day-Ahead Market Operations will only communicate via email and will stop sending ETS Breaking Messages.

To ensure all relevant persons from your company receive Operational Messages via e-mail, we strongly encourage you to check and update your contacts, especially your email addresses and the functions assigned for each contact. 

Please email the new and/or updated contact information to by COB on Tuesday, 26th April 2022. For more information, please see the full communication here.

Kind regards,