AdHoc iteration 2 - statements and reports approach proposal for Capacity (CRM) and Market Operator (MO) charges

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04/05/2022 16:34

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04/05/2022 16:37

Dear participants,


Second iteration of AdHoc (AH) is currently being processed alongside of the first iteration. Second iteration is non-sequential, eg. only periods with upheld settlement queries are resettled. The majority of upheld AdHoc second iteration settlement queries affects BALIMB charges only, therefore there are no changes in amounts included in CRM or MO statements. Due to the nature of billing periods, BALIMB – weekly, CRM/MO – monthly, SEMO is proposing the below approach regarding issuing statements and reports for AH iteration 2 and any future non-sequential AH runs.


  1. If the upheld settlement query affects BALIMB charges only – only BALIMB statements and reports will be issued for the affected period
  2. If the upheld settlement query affects also CRM/MO charges – BALIMB statements and reports will be issued for the affected billing week and CRM/MO statements and reports will be issued for the full affected billing month.

The main intention of this change is to issue only statements and reports affected by the upheld settlement query and prevent the situation where there are partial months of CRM/MO statements and reports issued to participants due to AH resettlement. There are currently 2 partial months of CRM/MO reports not yet included in the settlement documents (December 2018, January 2019) – SEMO is currently working on how to include those into settlement document/invoice publications.


Please note this approach is proposed for AH resettlement only, M+4 and M+13 resettlement will be always issued with the full set of settlement statements and reports.


We would appreciate your feedback regarding this proposal by COB Tuesday 10th May 2022 via In case of no objections to this proposal the new approach will be applied to the next set of AH iteration 2 billing weeks that are scheduled to be published on 26th May 2022.


Kind regards,

SEMO Settlement