Scheduling and Dispatch Project

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04/08/2022 16:09

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04/08/2022 16:12

EirGrid, SONI and SEMO are currently undertaking work on a project known as the Scheduling & Dispatch Project. This was outlined in the Shaping Our Electricity Future Roadmap under Markets Pillar 1 - Electricity markets and power system operational alignment.

The Roadmap noted a plan to develop the detailed design on dispatch and scheduling changes to include:

  • Treatment of new non-priority dispatch renewable generation
  • Wind dispatch tool enhancements
  • Energy Storage Power Station (ESPS) capability
  • Low carbon inertia services capability
  • Fast frequency response capability
  • Reserve services capability dispatch and scheduling from new providers

While we progress this work, the project team propose to engage with industry representatives bilaterally over the coming weeks before wider industry workshops will be scheduled over the Autumn. While the first workshop is currently planned for September 2022, the exact date will be confirmed in late August.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments to and mark your communication as ''FAO The Scheduling & Dispatch Project team''.