Capacity Market information session for the 2026/2027

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21/09/2022 14:16

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21/09/2022 14:20

Dear Capacity Market Participants,

Please be advised that a Capacity Market information session for the 2026/2027 T-4 Capacity Auction will take place from 11:00-12:30 on Thursday 22nd September 2022.

Please note the extended time to cover all the agenda items set out below and the inclusion of an additional item on Generator Opportunities, where we hope to bring you some information on locational considerations.

The session will be held on MS Teams.

The agenda for the session will include the below;

  • Introduction
  • Upcoming Key Dates
  • Initial Auction Information Pack
  • Where to find the Forms
    1. Qualification
    2. Exceptions
  • Breakdown of Qualification Forms
    1. New & Existing Parties
    2. Implementation Plans for New Capacity
    3. CRU Direction CRU/22/58
    4. Annual Run Hours
  • Capacity Market Platform (CMP)
  • Qualification Guidelines
  • Form Checks - reoccurring corrections
  • Generator Opportunities
  • Q&A 

Kind regards,

Capacity Market Team

P: 1800 726772 (ROI) or 0800 0726772 (NI)
+353 (1) 2370584 (International)