Settlement Calendar Update

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17/05/2023 10:55

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17/05/2023 10:56

Dear Participants

SEMO wish to advise participants that an updated settlement calendar has been published with a start date of 17.05.2023.

This is to add the final entries of Ad-Hoc IT 1. BALIMB Ad-Hoc IT1 runs up to Week 21 ending 29.05.2021, however in order to complete CRM and MO we have had to add entries for 30.05.2021 and 31.05.2021 only for statements for CRM and MO in order to close out the month of May 2021. Please note these entries are listed as ‘Period type’ – ‘Day’, due to this not being a full billing week. 

These will be included in the same settlement documents as Week 21, due to be issued on 07.07.2023, this will bring an end to the first iteration of Ad-Hoc. Further Ad-Hoc plans shall be communicated at the MOUG on 25.05.2023

Kind regards

SEMO Settlements