*Reminder* IntraDay Continuous Trade and Order File Update

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06/06/2023 17:10

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21/06/2023 13:36

Updated Message 21/06/2023; 

Dear Market Member, 

Please be advised that there has been a revision made to the SEMOpx Data Publication User Guide here, we would kindly ask you to use the updated version. 

Kind regards, 

SEMOpx Team 


Original Message 06/06/2023; 

Dear Market Member, 

SEMOpx would like to announce a change to the IDC Trade and Order files, specifically around the file format and naming convention of both files, with the change due to take effect on 18th July 2023. This change has been driven by the ongoing objective of improved business performance, with these changes ensuring improved control and validation of the data produced.

The proposed solution shall see no change in publication timelines or frequency, with 2 reports being generated each day, and both reports containing the same content as the existing reports:

  • A report containing all order transactions that took place on the SEMOpx products the previous trading day
  • A report containing all trades created on the SEMOpx products the previous trading day

As part of the change to the IDC Trade and Order files, please find updates detailed below:

  • SEMOpx Data Publication User Guide here - this guide contains all technical data changes relating to the file format and name change
  • IDC Trade here and Order here sample files - these files contain the new file format and name change, both of which can be used for localised testing

If you require any further information please direct all queries to info@semopx.com.

Kind regards, 

SEMOpx Team