SEMOpx Auction: Decoupling of SEMOpx on 7 June 2019

Affected Period



Run type

07/06/2019 18:49

Last Updated
12/06/2019 11:34

Update 12/06/2019 @ 11:35

On Friday 7 June, EPEX SPOT experienced a technical issue leading to a chain of events, that led to decoupling of the SEMOpx market from the European Day-Ahead Coupling. EPEX SPOT have provided further details via their website.

In addition, the European Day-Ahead Joint Steering Committee have provided a communication on this event.

Original Message 07/06/2019 @ 18:58

As a result of technical issues in the European Day Ahead Market Coupling, SEMOpx was decoupled from the Day Ahead auction for the first time since SEMOpx go live. 

As a result, SEMOpx ran a Local Auction.


The technical issue encountered has been investigated and will be corrected.