Revised Balancing Market Principles Statement

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18/06/2019 08:40

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18/06/2019 08:42

EirGrid and SONI have published a revised Balancing Market Principles Statement.

Version 3 reflects a document review and consultation process in accordance with Condition 22B of SONI's Transmission System Operator Licence, Condition 10B of EirGrid's Transmission System Operator Licence including engagement with the Regulatory Authorities.

A report on the consultation has also been published. It outlines the revisions to the document and representations received during the review and consultation process.

The Balancing Market Principles Statement can be referred to in the Reports section of the TSO Responsibilities page on

Please contact SONI and EirGrid at or BMPS@SONI.Ltd.UK if you have any queries on the Balancing Market Principles Statement.