Sample re-settlement Settlement Document

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04/07/2019 08:15

Last Updated
04/07/2019 16:33

Clarification 04/07/2019;

"In this instance you will see that all days excluding the 9th will be Initials as the 9th will be AH (Ad-hoc) , as this is the latest data."

  • All days excluding the 9th will be recalculated for M+4 from latest settlement run (initial) for X settlement date , the 9th M+4 will be re-calculated from Ad-hoc

  • There will be 7 days of  M4 tracking, 6 days initial tracking and 1 day Ad-hoc tracking within the Settlement Documents 

Dear Market Participant,

Please see attached sample Settlement Document xml from Week 2 ISEM test run 07/10/2018 – 13/10/2018.

This details the tracking data from Initial settlements, plus the latest settlement run for X settlement date from which re-settlement values will be calculated. 

·         The summary within the xml file data does not detail Initial & M+4 values individually, it will only detail the final monetary re-settlement values for the totals, interest, reallocations, sales & purchase totals for all charges codes.

·         The report detail will show the sales and purchases previous & current per charge code

·         Tracking Information will detail each charge code and is split between Initial, M+4 & AH.

Please also note that KIR defect 6042 does not affect participant SD reports. This defect was confirmed to only affect internal application UI screen. As such issue has been closed – No impact to market participants.