In order to trade in the Single Electricity Market, a company must register as a Party.

How to register

An applicant becomes a Party to the Trading and Settlement Code once you complete the Party Registration process. A Party is bound by the rules, regulations and obligations as set out in the Trading and Settlement Code. If you are already registered as a Party, proceed to unit registration.

Below demontrates the steps for Party Registration in the Balancing Market.

As highlighted in the graphic, to become a Party in the Balancing Marlet you must complete the following steps:

  • Pay the accession fee
  • Submit your Party Application Form, which is available by getting in contact with SEMO on
  • Return the completed Accession Deed which will be provided after your application form is validated
  • Provide proof of company register
  • Submit Party Authorised User Form, nominating the user(s) responsible for creating/maintaining users in the Market Participant Interface
  • Submit User Access form, to request the set up of a Registration User and other system user(s) with selected Trading and/or Settlement access rights

To begin the Balancing Market Registration process, call and ask to speak to a Registration representative or email The Party application process can take at least 60 working days to complete, as defined in the Trading and Settlement Code.