SEMOpx Auction: ETS Update

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14/08/2019 10:34

Last Updated
14/08/2019 10:37


In order to improve our API servers availability and reaction time, we have developed a load-balancer. It aims at optimizing the dispatching of the API users among our servers.


As you may know, the current API server address you are using gives you access to one of our servers. In case of maintenances, issues or slowness on one server the best solution was to redirect you to one of our other servers via mail or messages.


The new structure will be dynamic, the server address will be unique for all members and the system will automatically direct you towards the best server available. It will thus decrease the number of possible issues you may experience.

 The load-balancer will be implemented in Simulation 2 environment first: 

  • It will be available on Monday 19th August 2019
  • The new URL will be: 
  • You will have the choice to continue using your current address to connect or to use the new one. 
  • During this period we will be available to answer all your questions and to help you if you face issues while connecting; (select option 1 to speak to the ETS Auctions team). In addition if you experience some unexpected behavior, please do not hesitate to report us your feedback.

Our aim is to combine your experience and feedback with our analysis, to assess if the load-balancer can fit the Production needs. We will then provide a further update regarding if/when the load-balancer will be implemented in Simulation 1 and/or Production.


If you have any questions on this communication please let us know.