In accordance with the provisions of the Trading and Settlement Code, the Modifications Committee exists to progress Modification Proposals with a view to better facilitating the achievement of the Code Objectives of efficiency, development, financial security, participation, competition, transparency and equity within the Market.

Modifications Committee

The Modifications Committee meets every two months in either Dublin or Belfast. The Committee is charged with the assessment of proposals submitted to them and making decisions on directions for development of the Market. The Committee has the ability to convene Working Groups or undertake public consultations to ensure appropriate consideration and impact assessment is undertaken prior to making any key decisions.  

The Modifications Committee Secretariat is responsible for the coordination and publication of information on meetings, Working Groups, consultations and other activities undertaken by the Committee. The Secretariat may be contacted via

Use the link below to see the full calendar of scheduled meetings. Each meeting event containts the relevant agenda and minutes.

See the meetings calendar

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Mod IDTitleMod StatusStageSection AffectedEffective Date
Mod_04_22 RA Decision: Approved (Not Vetoed) Active Agreed Procedure 15,T&SC Glossary 11/03/2022
Mod_03_22 RA Decision: Approved (Not Vetoed) Active Section G 14/03/2022
Mod_02_22 Deferred Active Section D,Section F
Mod_01_22 RA Decision: Approved (Not Vetoed) Active Section G,T&SC Appendix A,T&SC Glossary 16/05/2022
Mod_21_21 Deferred Active T&SC Appendix O
Mod_20_21 RA Decision: Approved (Not Vetoed) Active T&SC Appendix O 14/03/2022
Mod_19_21 RA Decision: Approved (Not Vetoed) Active Section B 09/02/2022
Mod_14_21 Recommended for Approval Active
Mod_02_21 RA Decision: Approved (Not Vetoed) Active Appendix N,Section F 26/01/2022
Mod_08_20 RA Direction Active Section B
Mod_01_20 RA Decision: Approved (Not Vetoed) Active Section E 18/05/2022
Mod_13_19 Recommended for Approval Active