SEMOpx Continuous: M7 6.9 Information Notice

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21/05/2020 13:10

Last Updated
22/05/2020 13:41

Dear Members,

We are pleased to inform you about the new M7 6.9 release, which will include a new order state “Unknown” (UKNW) as well as enhance system stability and performance. 

The go-live of the M7 6.9 release is planned for July 2020, subject to successful testing.

Please find herewith important information related to this new release (click here)

Important information - Action required: 

- New M7 6.9 release to go live in July 2020

- New SIDC* remote orders feature:

    • New “unknown” order state to improve the M7 re-synchronization with SIDC after a disconnection
    • Mandatory test/update of your API application to handle this new state
    • All API schema versions impacted
    • SEMOpx market not impacted functionally

- Advanced Simulation deployment in May 2020. ASIM is now available to test your APIs

- New ComTrader 6.9.x version will be mandatory