Modification Proposal for section M.11 of the CMC

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06/11/2020 14:53

Last Updated
25/09/2023 22:05

Dear Market Participants,

An issue has been identified with the new section in M.11 of the CMC relating to the submission of Secondary Trades. In particular the issue relates to calculation of Seller Limits under M.11.6.3. An urgent Modification Proposal has been raised by the Regulatory Authorities for consideration at the Capacity Market Modifications Workshop 16 on 19/11/2020.

Until such time as a decision is reached on this Modification Proposal, the System Operators will not be able to process any Secondary Trades submitted under M.11 where the Seller Limit is calculated as 0 MW. This does not impact on the submission of Secondary Trades under the revised section M.7 as per the approved modification CMC_11_20.  

Kind regards,

Capacity Market Team

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