Market Operator (MO) Invoices: Publication schedule update

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28/04/2021 16:26

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28/04/2021 16:30

Dear Market Participant,

SEMO Settlements would like to advise market participants that we intend to trial aligning the monthly publication day for Initial MO Invoices and resettlement MO Invoices to the same publication day each month. The second Tuesday of each month will be the designated day to publish Initial and resettlement MO Invoices. Thus moving MO Invoicing away from the current Friday issuing day.

The trial is to help alleviate concerns raised by market participants to the Market Operator in relation to the large number of invoices with very small amounts.

Tuesday, May 11th 2021 will be the next publication date for MO Invoices which will include Initial and resettlement MO Invoices, with the settlement calendar to be updated to reflect the MO invoice publication dates. 

SEMO will proceed to trial this new approach on May 11th unless we receive notifications from market participants that this would cause any issue with the processing on your invoices. In that event, we can work with those market participants closely to overcome any issues where possible before the publications of the invoices, or else we will postpone the trial.

Based on the current vat rates, we would expect to publish two MO Invoices on May 11th ;

MO Invoice 1 : Will contain Initial, M13 & Adhoc

MO Invoice 2:  Will contain M4 

MO Invoice type

Current expected publication date

Proposed publication date

Vat rate

Initial - April 2021

May 10th

May 11th


M4 resettlement - Dec 2020

April 30th

May 11th


M13 resettlement - Mar 2020

April 30th

May 11th


Adhoc resettlement - Nov 2018

May 10th

May 11th


If you have any queries or concerns regarding this update, please email or you can also raise your questions on the weekly market participant call.

Kind regards,

SEMO Settlements