2024/2025 T-3 Provisional Qualification Decisions

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20/10/2021 19:49

Last Updated
25/09/2023 22:12

Dear Capacity Market Participants,


Please be advised that the Provisional SO Qualification Decisions for the 2024/2025 T-3 Capacity Auction are now available to be viewed on the Capacity Market Platform (CMP). Where the System Operators have included a Code in the Qualification Inputs Note in the Participant Qualification Report screen in CMP, please refer to the Provisional Qualification Results Codes here for an explanation.


Please note that the System Operators Qualification Decisions are provisional. Where your application was rejected or you disagree with the Provisional SO Qualification Decision, Participants may request the System Operators to review the rejection or Provisional SO Qualification Decision (Reviewable Decision) by lodging an Application for Review with the System Operators.

The System Operators are keen to work with Participants to the maximum extent provided for under the Capacity Market Code. In this regard, in the event that you seek a Review of a Provisional SO Qualification Decision, please provide any further information or relevant documentation that you believe would support your position. Applications for Review must be submitted to capacitymarketreviews@sem-o.com no later than the Friday 22st October 2021.

As the issuance of the Provisional SO Qualification Decisions in respect of the 2024/2025 T-3 Capacity Auction  has taken place today, in accordance with sections E.9.3.1, E.9.3.3 and E.9.3.4 of the Capacity Market Code please refer to the below dates for Applications for Review.

Application for Review Date


Non-complying Application for Review rejection Date


System Operators request for further information Date


Participant provision of further information Date



Please contact the team at capacitymarket@sem-o.com if you have any queries in relation to your Qualification Decisions.


Kind regards,

Capacity Market Team