Release I- Sample of New Resettlement Reports

Affected Period



Run type

23/03/2022 12:25

Last Updated
23/03/2022 12:32

Dear Market Participant,

Release I UAT of CR-237 ‘Publication of New Resettlement Reports‘  is scheduled to complete shortly with deployment to production market systems next month. 

ID: CR237

Name: M+4 / M+13 / Adhoc - Report Publications – Resettlement / Meter Data

Description: Reports that are currently available for Settlement will now be available for all Resettlement run types for the following types:

  • Energy Market Financial Publication (EF)
  • Energy Market Information Publication (EI)
  • Capacity Market Financial Publication (CF)
  • Capacity Market Information Publication (CI)
  • Metered Generation Information Publication (MI)
  • Metered Volumes by Jurisdiction (MJ)
  • PUB Daily Meter Data (Public) 

SEMO have published a set of sample Reports for Participants to review as required.

Please see details of the publication below:

- Information Note here

- Zip File containing sample reports as outlined in Information Note here                              

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via should you require any further information.

Kind regards,