SEMOpx Quarterly Market Report Q1 2022

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13/04/2022 15:59

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13/04/2022 16:00

Dear Members,

The SEMOpx Quarterly Market Report Q1 2022 is now available. 

Key Summary Points

• Traded volumes showed slight growth compared to the same period last year.

• Average DAM prices for Quarter 1 2022 were in line with the previous quarter’s average at €223. 

• Month on month average prices decline in January and February from their highs of December 2021, but this trend reversed in March 2022 which saw a new all-time high monthly average price of €293.

Take a look at the key statistics report comparing trends year on year for Quarter 1 2022 in our Quarterly Market Report Q1 2022

Please also find the February 2022 Market Report and the March 2022 Market Report.

If you require more detailed information please see our Ex-Ante Market Look back dataset available from the SEMOpx website. This dataset is regularly updated with historical price and volume information for all the SEM ex-ante markets and is the basis for the Market reports.