Business Go-Live of the M7 Load Management functionality

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07/07/2022 09:36

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07/07/2022 10:23

Dear Member,

SEMOpx would like to advise members of the Business Go-Live of the M7 Load Management functionality within version 6.12 on Tuesday, 19th July 2022.

After the successful launch of M7 6.12 and the technical activation of the Load Management functionalities in May 2022, SEMOpx are now ready to set the final parameters for the Load Management function in which warnings & restrictions will be possible with both the long and the short rules.

When M7 6.12 was deployed in production on the 10th May 2022, the temporary configuration allowed M7 API users to use the new functionalities without it impacting their order load submission. Members have been encouraged to complete testing in the Advanced Simulation Environment, where all API users could freely perform regression, functional and technical tests relating to the new functionalities. The final parameters for SEMOpx Members will be set on 19th July 2022. Please ensure all APIs are technically and functionally ready by the business go-live if required. For the full communication, please see link here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at should you have any queries in regards to the above information.

Kind regards,

SEMOpx Team