*Reminder* New Go Live Date for ETS - First Trading Day 25th January 2023

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02/11/2022 14:50

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17/01/2023 11:13

Dear Market Participant, 

SEMOpx would like to advise that the go-live date for ETS 3.6.5 will take effect during the ETS Maintenance Window on the evening of 24th January 2023, with the first trading day being the 25th January 2023.

SEMOpx would also like to advise members of an update to the ETS display and Scalable Complex Order conditions, both of which are detailed within the ETS 3.6.5 Information Document here

If you require any further information relating to the upcoming ETS release, please direct all queries to info@SEMOpx.com

Kind regards, 

SEMOpx Team


Original message 02/11/2022; 

Dear Market Participant,

The production go live date for ETS has been moved to Wednesday 30th November (first trading day).

The maintenance will take place on Tuesday 29th November between 18:40 GMT and approx. 22:00 GMT. We strongly encourage you to attempt a connection after the maintenance. Our Day Ahead Market Operators will be able to assist for one (1) hour after the maintenance. Should you have any questions, or any support is needed please call our Auction hotlines.

As a reminder, since 25 October 2022, we have also released a new client here. It is identical to 3.6.5 but contains some settings dedicated to proxy connections. If you are using an upgradable client, when you try to connect you will automatically fetch the new ETS client. Both clients 3.6.5 and are identical and connect to the same server so there are no differences between them other than the proxy connection dedicated settings. The client documents and the API package remain the same for both clients. 

To summarize, please see below:

  • If the member has currently 3.5.5 in upgradable, the upgrade will be automatic to the
  •  If the member has currently 3.5.5 in fixed, the member has to download on the SEMOpx website but could also work by downloading 3.6.5.
  •  If the member has currently 3.5.3 in fixed, the member has to download on the SEMOpx website but could also work by downloading 3.6.5.

Members connecting to ETS client with Proxy are kindly asked to use the client to connect. API members connecting via proxy are not impacted (it is the same via 3.6.5 or

Kind regards,

SEMOpx Team