**Update** FMOC Invoice published on Nov 15th included the incorrect CMOAU and CMOAV rates for ROI and NI market participants

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18/11/2022 16:09

Last Updated
09/03/2023 16:12

Message update 09/03/2023;

Dear Market Participants

While we continue to explore options of how to fix this issue, we regrettably will have to delay the publication of the M+4 MO invoice for the period of October 2022 that was due for publication on Tuesday 14th March. Delaying this invoice will allow time to test an approach that our vendor has presented. Due to testing environment limitations and to allow for Release K testing, we do not have a set time for when we can further update on the M+4 MO invoice publication timelines or when the corrected FMOC Invoice for October 2022 will be available.

The M+4 MO Invoice calendar entry and payment dates have been removed from the latest settlement calendar.

Any further Updates will be communicated accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kind Regards

SEMO Settlements

Message update 21/11/2022; 

Dear Market Participant,

SEMO Settlements continue to explore options to resolve the recent MO FMOC invoice issue and will provide further updates as soon as they are available.

As noted in the original market message issued, please continue to make payments on the MO Invoice amounts published on the 15/11/2022.

Kind regards,

SEMO Settlements


Original message 18/11/2022; 

Dear Market Participant,

Please be advised that the FMOC Invoice for October 2022, published on the 15/11/2022, included the incorrect CMOAU (Generator rate) and CMOAV (Supplier rate) for ROI and NI market participants.

CMOAU was incorrectly set to €109/MW (instead of the correct rate of €55/MW) , and CMOAV was incorrectly set to €55/Unit (instead of the correct rate of €109/MW).

SEMO Settlements are currently looking into this issue and will provide further updates on Monday 21st November.

In the meantime, please continue to make payments as normal on the MO Invoices published on the 15/11/2022.

SEMO would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you do have any queries/concerns, please contact us at info@sem-o.com

Kind regards,

SEMO Settlements