*Reminder* SEMOpx: M7 Maintenance on 14 February 2023

Affected Period



Run type

31/01/2023 10:29

Last Updated
09/02/2023 14:37

Dear Member, 

Please be informed that the M7 trading system will be under maintenance on Tuesday 14/02/2023 on SEMOPX markets from approx. 18:40 to 20:45 GMT (19:40 to 21:45 CET).

This maintenance is related to:

  • ECC Monthly Maintenance

We kindly ask you to log out from ComTrader or your API before the maintenance begins and to restart ComTrader or your API once it is finished. 

We also would like to remind you to use the latest version of ComTrader available here: https://portal.m7.energy/semo/

Please feel free to inform your colleagues about this maintenance, and to contact us on our hotline (option 2) for any questions you may have.

Kind regards, 

SEMOpx Team