Default Commercial Offer Data

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03/03/2023 09:58

Last Updated
03/03/2023 10:00

Dear Participant,

An issue has been identified that is impacting on the application of Default Commercial Offer Data within the Balancing Market systems.

Under the Trading and Settlement Code, Section D.3.3, Default Commercial Offer Data is required to be submitted and maintained on a quarterly basis. This data is used for fallback purposes only; under the scenario where no daily Commercial Offer Data has been submitted for a particular Trading Day.

The impact of the issue, is that Default Commercial Offer Data will need to be resubmitted to the market systems, in order for it to be effective.

Analysis has been carried out to identify any Generator Units and Demand Side Units required to resubmit this data; SEMO will reach out and communicate directly to impacted participants to initiate the process.

Any participant not contacted, no action is required.

Kind regards,