Strike Price for Billing Week 07/07/24 - 13/07/24

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04/07/2024 16:40

Last Updated
04/07/2024 16:42

Dear Market Participant,

Please be aware that in accordance with the Market Operator obligation under the T&SC Section F.16.2 'Calculation of Strike Price', following the deployment of Release L, Mod_08_22 Weekly Strike Price Calculation is now effective.

SEMO has published here what are the input sources for the relevant equations as approved by the RAs in the CRM parameters paper.

On this basis, SEMO has calculated the indicative Strike Price (PSTRw) for Billing Week 07/07/24 – 13/07/24 as 500 Euro.

This will be confirmed when the calculation has been performed in the CSB billing system during the Indicative processing run for the 07/07/24

Strike Price will be effective for all settlement dates from the 07/07/24 – 13/07/24 inclusive.

Kind regards,