M+4 Resettlement Update

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M4 (Settlement)

07/06/2019 11:20

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07/06/2019 11:25

Dear Market Participant,

Following our conference call with Participants on the 24th of May please find the latest update in relation to the delayed M+4 Resettlement:

·         SEMO intends to do M+4 resettlement from the beginning of the market, Oct 1st, 2018

·         The fixes for CR73 (Mod_34_18  - Removal of Make-whole Payments) and CR77 (Mod_07_19 - Amendment of calculation of No-Load Costs) have arrived and are in test. We anticipate testing to go as planned, and it is going well so far, and the fixes would be released into production on June 11th.

·         We will then anticipate 3 weeks for us to prepare, loading of data and save cases and preliminary checks leading to Instruction Profiling (Inc. QBOA) re-runs and import into the Billing System

·         This would see us being in a position to issue M+4 resettlement on Friday 5th July with all going well in the testing and preparation

·         SEMO will issue the M+4 resettlement with the Settlement documents on Friday 5th July, and we will issue a week per week

·         SEMO is looking into trying to accelerate the M+4 processing after a period of bedding down, to see if we can catch up

·         We anticipate starting M+13 resettlement in November

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on the above, this will also be a topic in the upcoming MOUG on the 20th of June in Belfast.


Claire Kane

Head of Settlement