The timetable provides information relating to the Capacity Auction for the Capacity Year.

The timetable is based on Tables A and B of Appendix C of the Capacity Market Code.

CategoryAppendix CEventDate & Time
Info A.1 Initial Auction Information Pack 01/06/2018
Qualification A.2 Opt-out Notification 14/06/2018
Qualification A.3 Exception Application 28/06/2018
Qualification A.4 Qualification Application 28/06/2018
Qualification A.5 Provisional Qualification Results 06/09/2018
Review B.19 Application for Review 10/09/2018
Review B.20 Non-complying Application for Review rejection 12/09/2018
Review B.21 System Operators request for further information 17/09/2018
Review B.22 Participant provision of further information 19/09/2018
Review B.23 System Operators notification of outcome 26/09/2018
Disputes B.24 Qualification Dispute Notice 01/10/2018
Disputes B.25 Qualification Dispute Decision 17/10/2018
Qualification A.6 Final Qualification Submission 19/10/2018 12:00
Qualification A.7 Final Qualification Results 01/11/2018
Qualification A.8 Qualification Results Publication 01/11/2018
Info A.9 Final Locational Capacity Constraint Limits 30/11/2018
Info A.10 Final Auction Info Pack 30/11/2018
Auction A.11 Capacity Auction Submission Commencement 06/12/2018 10:00
Auction A.12 Capacity Auction Submission End 13/12/2018 10:00
Auction A.13 Capacity Auction Run Start 13/12/2018 12:00
Auction A.14 Capacity Auction Completion 18/12/2018
Auction A.15 Capacity Auction Provisional Results 18/12/2018
Post Auction A.16 Capacity Auction Approval 01/02/2019
Post Auction A.17 Capacity Auction Results 01/02/2019
Post Auction A.18 Performance Security 04/02/2019

Download the Capacity Auction Timetable document for further details.