Below demontrates the steps for party and unit registration in the Capacity Market.

Registering a Party

In order to participate in the Capacity Market, a company must  register as a Party in the Capacity Market and register Capacity Market Units. To become a Party in the Capacity Market complete the following steps:

As highlighted in the graphic, to become a Party in the Capacity Market you must complete the following steps:

  • Submit your Party Application Form, which is available by getting in contact with SEMO on
  • Return the completed Accession Deed which will be provided after your application form is validated
  • Submit Party Authorised User Form, nominating the user(s) responsible for creating/maintaining users in the Market Participant Interface
  • Submit Auction System User form, to request the set up of the main, reporting and trading user(s) for the Capacity Market Interface

To begin the Capacity Market Registration process, call and ask to speak to a Registration representative or email

Registering a Unit

In parallel to registering as a Party, a company must commence Capacity Market Unit application process.  The steps are as follows:

  • Submit the Participation Notice
  • Submit the Form of Authority and Letter of Consent (if not already provided during Balancing Market Registration)

Once the unit application is received, processing will commence and you will be contacted should we require clarification or further information. To find out more about Capacity Market Unit Registration, email