A change to the T&SC or Agreed Procedures can be administered via the Modifications process. Any proposed change shall be in the form of a Modification Proposal.

Modification Proposals should be submitted no later than two weeks in advance of a Modifications Committee Meeting to balancingmodifications@sem-o.com. Proposals submitted after the deadline will be considered at the next scheduled Meeting. 

Notes on completing Modification Proposal Form

If a person submits a Modification Proposal on behalf of another person, that person who proposes the material of the change should be identified on the Modification Proposal Form as the Modification Proposal Originator.

Any person raising a Modification Proposal shall ensure that their proposal is clear and substantiated with the appropriate detail including the way in which it furthers the Code Objectives to enable it to be fully considered by the Modifications Committee.

Each Modification Proposal will include a draft text of the proposed Modification to the Code unless, if raising a Provisional Modification Proposal whereby legal drafting text is not imperative. 

For the purposes of this Modification Proposal Form, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

  • Code: the Trading and Settlement Code for the Single Electricity Market
  • Modification Proposal: the proposal to modify the Code as set out in the attached form
  • Derivative Work: any text or work which incorporates or contains all or part of the Modification Proposal or any adaptation, abridgement, expansion or other modification of the Modification Proposal

The terms “Market Operator”, “Modifications Committee” and “Regulatory Authorities” shall have the meanings assigned to those terms in the Code.

In consideration for the right to submit, and have the Modification Proposal assessed in accordance with the terms of Section 2 of Part A and Section B of Part B of the Code(and Part A Agreed Procedure 12 and Part B Agreed Procedure 12), the proposer agrees to the following terms:

1. I hereby grant a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence:

  • To the Market Operator and the Regulatory Authorities to publish and/or distribute the Modification Proposal for free and unrestricted access;
  • To the Regulatory Authorities, the Modifications Committee and each member of the Modifications Committee to amend, adapt, combine, abridge, expand or otherwise modify the Modification Proposal at their sole discretion for the purpose of developing the Modification Proposal in accordance with the Code;
  • To the Market Operator and the Regulatory Authorities to incorporate the Modification Proposal into the Code;
  • To all Parties to the Code and the Regulatory Authorities to use, reproduce and distribute the Modification Proposal, whether as part of the Code or otherwise, for any purpose arising out of or in connection with the Code.

2. The licences set out in clause 1 shall equally apply to any Derivative Works.

3. I hereby waive in favour of the Parties to the Code and the Regulatory Authorities any and all moral rights I may have arising out of or in connection with the Modification Proposal or any Derivative Works.

4. I hereby warrant that, except where expressly indicated otherwise, I am the owner of the copyright and any other intellectual property and proprietary rights in the Modification Proposal and, where not the owner, I have the requisite permissions to grant the rights set out in this form.

5. I hereby acknowledge that the Modification Proposal may be rejected by the Modifications Committee and/or the Regulatory Authorities and that there is no guarantee that my Modification Proposal will be incorporated into the Code.